PROMOTION: May is dedicated to walnuts and tarte flambée

May 17 is the annual celebration of Walnut Day, the perfect opportunity to acknowledge the valuable nutrients, culinary diversity and high quality of California walnuts.

A perfect occasion to raise consumer awareness of California walnuts and stimulate sales in all channels. This year, the campaign day will be celebrated with numerous activities throughout the month of May. In addition to dedicated recipe specials on; newsletters and social media support, a large-scale gastronomy promotion will be implemented with Germany's top tarte flambée restaurant chain, Le Feu.

Throughout the month of May, all 18 Le Feu restaurants nationwide will be celebrating California walnuts. An exclusive California walnuts menu created for this special month will be presented to guests on a stand-alone card. Four creative tarte flambées with California walnuts in sweet and savory variations ensure a tasteful experience. In addition, posters and table displays in the California look attract attention. The previously trained Le Feu staff will also actively recommend the menu special and will provide detailed information on the culinary potential of walnuts from California. The campaign is accompanied on the restaurant's social media.

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