Walnut Storage & Handling

California walnuts are known for their mild flavor and beautiful color. In order to keep them at their optimum freshness and flavor, walnuts need to be stored and handled correctly.

Here are some tips on the proper way to store walnuts:

  • Minimize Exposure to Air: Much like many fresh food products, walnuts require minimal exposure to air to retain their quality. Storing walnuts in air-tight containers or sealed packaging is best.
  • Control Temperature: For storage up to 6 months, walnuts should be refrigerated at 2 °C to 5 °C (35 F to 40 F). Use within 12-months when stored at -18 °C (0 F).
  • Avoid Storing with other Foods: As walnuts can absorb the smell and taste of foods with strong odors, they should be stored separately in air-tight packaging.
  • In-time Preparation: Walnuts keep their fresh taste best when the kernels are whole. So for optimal flavor, prepare as needed on the day of usage or one day before.
  • Before Use, check for Freshness: Exposure to room temperatures or warm/humid conditions while storing can quickly lead to spoilage. Check the quality and freshness before using walnuts and maintain the appropriate temperature throughout the entire period of storage.