EFFECTIVE: Strong campaigns boost sales and consumer interest in the first quarter

Powerful marketing campaigns increase sales figures and consumer interest – a success that also became evident with two of our activities in the first quarter of this year: an instore promotion in the Netherlands and approach to foodservice decision makers at Internorga in Hamburg.
The POS campaign "Healthy breakfast with California walnuts" in the Albert Heijn supermarkets in the Netherlands achieved powerful results. Targeted activation with interactive shelf stoppers, information about the health value and quality of California walnuts together with recipe inspiration led to a significant increase in sales and made them a popular product among customers. In addition, a smart cross-category placement of wobblers in the dairy section drew many consumers to the nut shelf and thus encouraged also new shoppers to purchase walnuts. This resulted in impressive 14% share of new California walnuts buyers, illustrating the effectiveness of this campaign.

From supermarkets to restaurant kitchens

At Internorga, leading international trade show for hotels, restaurants, bakeries in Hamburg, the role of California walnuts in the foodservice sector was strengthened by staging them to 80,000 visitors together with the foodlab network.

Top chef Heiko Antoniewicz presented the culinary potential of California walnuts as a meat substitute in an inspiring masterclass and discussed the benefits for plant-based cuisine in a talk with chef Antje de Vries. Decision-makers in the food service sector were impressed by the walnut köfte (oriental cuisine style walnut-meatballs) for tasting.

These targeted marketing activities and the showcasing of California walnuts as a versatile ingredient increased demand among consumers and professionals, who are increasingly turning to California walnuts.

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