Every year, the renowned US retail chain Whole Foods unveils its trend outlook for the upcoming year. Taking center stage in 2024 is a notable shift within the plant-based industry, focusing on "Put the "Plant" Back in "Plant-Based", emphasizing the main ingredients.

Logical consequence: walnuts are at the top of Whole Foods' trend list for 2024.

Focusing on natural ingredients, including walnuts, marks a decisive development for this segment and is characterized by the increased use of proteins derived from mushrooms, walnuts and legumes instead of complex meat alternatives.

The guiding principle is a short ingredient list. Plant-based milk alternatives, for example, can be limited to just two components.

This prioritization aligns with the preferences of consumers who value a purist plant-based diet. Walnuts are versatile and hold significant potential, particularly as an alternative to minced meat. Chopped, seasoned and pan-roasted, they add extra-crunch to dishes such as chili sin carne, bolognese and more. Walnuts from California are particularly mild and known for their high quality.

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